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Adding flavour, colour and joy to your food since 1992

Cell-Chem (Pty) Ltd is a trusted distributor of speciality food flavours, modified food starches and food colours. A pioneer in the South African food industry, our team of food technicians deal with food on every level. Even though Cell-Chem might be an unfamiliar name to the everyday person, our products play an integral role in the everyday life of every South African. From ice cream, jellybeans, lollipops and cordials, to flavoursome stocks, soup powders, chip flavourings and more – if it’s got colour, flavour or a starch component, Cell-Chem is at your service.


Food For Thought

Colour can affect your sense of taste. Humans naturally associate certain colours with specific tastes. So, if the colour of the food doesn’t align with your mind’s expectations of that taste, your brain will naturally alter the taste of the food.

Bring on the FLAVOUR

Flavour is our middle name, and we feel passionately about adding body and complexity to the taste of food products. Our flavour Principal is Symrise, recognised as one of the leading flavour and fragrance houses in the world.

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This is our STARCH reality

Starch is found in almost every food product produced in the world. Our starch Principal is Ingrain SA, a world-renowned starch producer that supplies us with a range of modified, unmodified and speciality starch.

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Add COLOUR to your world

Imagine your plate or #foodstagram without colour. We certainly can’t! That’s why our colour Principal, Rexza, specialise in high quality primary and lake food grade colours, as well as a wide range of blended colours to really amp up the yum factor.

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Let’s talk SPECIALITY products

At Cell-Chem, we go the extra mile to provide our clients with speciality products such as Oleoresins, Whey Powder, Agar Agar, Fibre prebiotic and more. As an added benefit, we provide technical support and R & D for the specialised products we supply.

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